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setting: kh-verse
timeline: kh3 era, or at least post-3d
why: maleficent don't care. maleficent don't give a shit

warnings: enthrallment kink, sexual content of dubious consent, fire? i don't know? stuff's gonna happen

This is the wandring wood, this Errours den, )
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[Today has been...interesting, for the both of them.

Well, maybe less interesting on Juudai's end. He's probably used to ignoring Saruyama's scripts and hiding the new deck by now, which is really something that Kaiser should talk to him about. There's going to be serious danger to both of them if this continues.

Right now, though, he's busy picking mangoes out of a pile and trying to ignore his crippling shame.

(He really hadn't expected that to happen in the ring. He'd barely even noticed it, in the state he was in, blended in with the usual sick excitement of the duel. But he had taken a shock and for the first time he was truly prepared for it, ready for it, and...)

He shakes off the thought and turns back to the cart with his bag of fruit.

...There are considerably more cookies in the basket than the last time he checked.]

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[Kaiser wakes up far later than usual. He prefers to rise early, normally -- sleep is for the weak and the dead -- but the events of last night were so draining that he slept straight through his alarm.

He doesn't remember them, when he's first waking up. They don't hit him until he glances around his room, still drowsy and blinking sleep out of his eyes, and sees the briefcase -- still missing one cuff -- lying open on the floor.

He sits up and takes inventory.

- Juudai is in the underground as of last night.
- He's a face.
- He passes out at 800 AP.
- Kaiser is responsible for training this out of him.
- He's staying in Kaiser's apartment.

...wait. Right. This means he has...some kind of host duties, doesn't it...?

He slides out of bed, and rubs his eyes as he walks out of the room in last night's clothing to see just what state Juudai's in.]
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[ The pay phone receiver feels tacky in Juudai's hand. He doesn't want to think about what kind of substances it might be coated in. Or maybe it's just the cheap black plastic itself, softening in his hot, sweat-slicked hand. He resists the urge to change hands to wipe his right hand off; there's no point.

and so it begins )
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Who: [personal profile] sternitfortem and [personal profile] red_handed_jay
Status: Closed
Style: Third-person, present
Where: dream: Dream Gotham City aww yee / real world: Mizusato (though they're in different locations)
When: Week 31, Day 6 (slightly forward-dated)
Rating: PG-13/R? depends on internal monologues probably lol
Warnings: Violence, swearing, horribleness

super copypasta follows; you were warned )
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also you should take your anti-keet-poisoning pills, just saying. ]
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[ Yes, boys and girls of Squarewarts, this is Norman, your new Phys Ed teacher. Don't worry, we're sure that beneath his stern and prickly exterior, he is a wonderful and caring human bei - ]

Class begins at 0600 hours. Lateness will not be tolerated. Absence will not be excused. Your complaints will not be heard.

[ - oh wait, lol, we forgot, it's Norman. ]

[[ Just pretend that it's your class he's talking about above, and have fun. No, I don't know why he uses military time, he's just Norman. ]]
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[ There is a Lelouch. Bother, y/n? ]

[[ okay guys, this is panfandom, pan-setting, whatever. Any verse your muse is from, any game, any canon, whatever! You can determine where they are, or maybe they're just chatting somewhere and no one cares where it is, like dear_mun. Do whatever! And feel free to do this yourselves! ]]
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[ooc: this is a Hashirama from an AU verse where he and Madara are roommates in college. 8| ]

A passive aggressive post it note stuck on the fridge


The recyclables go in the blue bin, not the white. The white bin is my hamper. If you would stop throwing in Spaghetti-O cans with my linens, I would appreciate it.

I have taken the liberty to clearly mark which bin is for which purposes, to prevent any confusion from now on.

Thank you





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