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MALEFICENT ([personal profile] ofairanddarkness) wrote in [community profile] herobox2014-05-16 10:11 pm

don't fuck with faeries

setting: kh-verse
timeline: kh3 era, or at least post-3d
why: maleficent don't care. maleficent don't give a shit

warnings: enthrallment kink, sexual content of dubious consent, fire? i don't know? stuff's gonna happen

This is the wandring wood, this Errours den,
  A monster vile, whom God and man does hate:
  Therefore I read beware. Fly fly (quoth then
The fearefull Dwarfe) this is no place for living men.

She had returned to her own land, for the time being. She, MALEFICENT, that once was a conqueror of worlds, returned once again to her native land. She was not happy with this, but it was meet that she should regain her strength, ponder again upon where her foot should fall next.

Back among her dark woods, and foolish denizens, and murky fens. She had forsaken that long ago for power. After all, the dark was her domain, and its power rightfully was hers. It was her birthright. When that man had trespassed in her domain, she might have torn him like a fox among hounds, but he had offered her the knowledge she needed. A pity few mortals these days respected the old courtesies.

(He had betrayed her, too, in the end, taken the changeling from her and then let him slip through all their fingers like a fool. He had tried to subdue her. Treachery was within her expectations, but it was not to be borne.)

But she had other powers here. Powers of land-holding, and lordship. Powers of territory and blood-right. She, as all faeries, is lord of her dominion, and her dominion is darkness. For a mortal to challenge her within her territory would be outright foolishness. Of course.

So when she senses that a mortal has crossed over into her territory - at the very footsteps of her castle - Maleficent is not perturbed. In fact, she is quite pleased, though she takes pains to hide it.

Perhaps tonight may be amusing.

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