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LEA。 ([personal profile] redshifted) wrote in [community profile] herobox2013-11-24 12:24 am

code word steamy

[ While Riku and Kairi were off investigating something about aliens, Lea was taking the night off. It had been a long day of chasing a six-year-old girl around without being spotted, and it was the kind of thing that emotionally exhausted you, so Lea begged off to soak in a volcanic hot spring and think about his life.

Or, well, he would have, but apparently despite being lousy with volcanoes, Hawaii doesn't actually have hot springs. So he's in the hot tub, in a garishly patterned pair of swim trunks, out back of some tourist bar with no tourists in it (out of season), sipping on a really watered down fruity cocktail and sulking about some conversation he'd had with Riku. ]

Can't believe it...

[ So the guy had asked him, on one of those long and soul-searchy kind of nights where you actually have Real Conversations with people, about Girls. And Lea'd had no answer for him because, well, that was a whole two weeks of high school back in the Day when he'd removed Girls from the list of things he needed to worry about. And then when that had been made clear, Riku was apparently just as in need of knowing about Guys... and Lea had still had. no answer for him.

Like, so what?! Lea kind of had his heart ripped out of his chest at some point, that sort of put a damper on caring about that kind of thing! It's not like it makes him really inadequate as a twenty-five-year-old man or anything...

He pulls the lime off his drink and chews it, peel and all, in a defiant sort of way. ]

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