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we still remember, we who dwell

[ This is... well, this is quite the world, Lea thinks to himself, taking another tentative sip of the strong ale in front of him. He, Riku, and Kairi had touched down a few days ago tracking a massive darkness reading from this guy... They've tracked the guy down, but here's where it gets dicey: guy in question is sitting on a massive Heartless army, but his PR is impeccable. Round these parts - these parts being a small country called Eregion - the guy calls himself Annatar, which apparently means Lord of Gifts. And he's in pretty good with the populace.

Riku and Kairi are on the other side of this side of the mountains trying to fight some Heartless and get a reading on what kind of strength they're looking at here. Lea is on a vaguely diplomatic slash reconnaissance mission to get a reading on exactly how good this "Annatar"'s cred is with the locals. Which, you know, he was doing... but it's late in the night, and Lea is really skinny, and this booze is pretty strong for what he's used to (read: none). So now, he's just kind of staring off into space and trying not to think about all the stuff he's done wrong in his life. He's sitting at a table in some tavern that seems to host a lot of these elf dudes, dressed in casual elf-dude clothing to blend in, which he might have been able to do if it weren't for his massive mane of red hair. ]

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