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steven universe au who cares

[ He hates reforming. When he used to be whole, it was annoying but not so bad, and it wasn't like he got poofed all that often. Friendly fights that went a step too far, falling off a high ledge by being an idiot, that kind of thing. L--xxxx-hhis self-image was always strong, he never messed around with his hair length or his face shape or whatever, letting his internal structure dictate a form leonine, hair that swept into points, a grin as sharp as it was warm, and eyes that were a startling green that was at odds with the triangular red pyrope between them.

But it hurts, ever since he was broken; he has a sense that there have been parts missing for years that he might never recover. He thinks a name that splinters every time, always coalescing back into 'Axel,' a name that tastes like glass in his throat every time he says it, every time he hears someone else say it. A broken name for a broken gem. It takes 'Axel' at least a day or two to reform after a grievous wound; it took him half a day at most back when he was whole.

This time there is no time, and 'Axel' reforms himself - bones creaking like stressed bamboo, sinews chewing over them like razorwire, skin scabbing over muscles that still remember bruises they took before disintegrating - in three hours. ]

He opens his eyes.

Three hours might be too late.

Axel doesn't even check to see if his limbs are the right length (he always feels like he makes them an inch too long all around) before slamming through the closest door and blinking at the sudden disorienting brightness of the Organization's meeting room. Where was his gem being kept? Never mind - Saix is in here, for some reason, and Axel breathlessly blurts, "Where did he go?" before remembering that the gem he had stumbled into the Castle that Never Was with had belonged to Xion. (He had gripped it so hard it cut into the backside of his knuckles.) He cannot explain why he knows that Roxas - no, Xion had reformed herself - no, himself within minutes and that they - they? - were in trouble - are in trouble - are trouble.

Saix stares at him as though he sees a ghost, and opens his mouth to ask something (probably why he's up) just as Axel says, "Ah, dammit, never mind," and rips a portal open beneath his feet.

(He can explain himself to Saix later.)

The kids have a one-track mind; Axel knows exactly where they've gone.

His portal opens up at the top of the clock tower at Twilight Town, but somewhat surprisingly, Xion - er, Roxas - uh... them? They're not on top of the tower.

Axel can see a hooded figure in the square a hundred feet below.

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