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code word steamy

[ While Riku and Kairi were off investigating something about aliens, Lea was taking the night off. It had been a long day of chasing a six-year-old girl around without being spotted, and it was the kind of thing that emotionally exhausted you, so Lea begged off to soak in a volcanic hot spring and think about his life.

Or, well, he would have, but apparently despite being lousy with volcanoes, Hawaii doesn't actually have hot springs. So he's in the hot tub, in a garishly patterned pair of swim trunks, out back of some tourist bar with no tourists in it (out of season), sipping on a really watered down fruity cocktail and sulking about some conversation he'd had with Riku. ]

Can't believe it...

[ So the guy had asked him, on one of those long and soul-searchy kind of nights where you actually have Real Conversations with people, about Girls. And Lea'd had no answer for him because, well, that was a whole two weeks of high school back in the Day when he'd removed Girls from the list of things he needed to worry about. And then when that had been made clear, Riku was apparently just as in need of knowing about Guys... and Lea had still had. no answer for him.

Like, so what?! Lea kind of had his heart ripped out of his chest at some point, that sort of put a damper on caring about that kind of thing! It's not like it makes him really inadequate as a twenty-five-year-old man or anything...

He pulls the lime off his drink and chews it, peel and all, in a defiant sort of way. ]
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[Tourism is a crummy business, when it's off-season. It's a crummy business all year-round, to be fair, but especially when it's summer; everything is sweltering sticky heat and blinding sun glaring off the water and sand, overpowering humidity and mosquitoes swarming everywhere. Tourism sucks, and tourists suck even worse--even if they're nice people, they tend to be unintentionally thoughtless assholes more often than not--, but at least they bring in the dough. The only thing worse than having them is not having them.

That's why Myde is playing for a mostly empty house tonight, and hoping he gets sent somewhere slightly more lively tomorrow, as if anywhere else actually is, at this time of year. Still, that doesn't mean he's not wearing a smile for what audience he does have, along with the traditional garb of his people--'his people' being the hokey entertainment brigade that no trip to Hawaii is complete without, of course--, flip flops and capris and a generous handful of leis, along with a loud, colorful Hawaiian shirt that's aggressively offensive to anyone with the slightest bit of taste.

Lea will probably hear him before he sees him, laughing and calling back to his co-workers as he pushes out through the back door of the bar, instrument case in hand.]

--luck next time, right? Good show, see you tomorrow!

[That spiky red hair is impossible to miss, though. It snags his attention immediately, especially because he hadn't realized any customers were out here tonight. Myde stops dead in his tracks, blinking hard and surreptitiously digging a nail into his hand to make sure he isn't seeing things. Nope, this seems pretty real--that sure is Axel in the hot tub. That sure is one of his other co-workers, from his old job, the one that ensures he's grateful for every iota of good treatment he gets from impressively non-abusive employers now. That sure is one of his superiors there, even if he was one of the only ones who was relatively nice.

In short: that sure is trouble there, lounging in the hot tub and drinking an overly-expensive cocktail, just waiting to pounce and tear his finally peaceful existence to shreds. Myde spins on his heel and moves to walk straight back through the door again, muttering to himself and hoping he wasn't spotted or recognized, knowing full well just how futile it probably is. He so doesn't want to deal with this kind of crap again..... Maybe he can beg his manager to put him in the stock room or something for a few hours.]

.....Actually, a drink before I leave is a great idea.....
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[Shit. Busted.

Myde hunches his shoulders and reaches for the door, only to hear the unmistakable sound of someone choking. He twists around in time to see Lea punching himself in the gut, and can't help but gape in disbelief; you just don't do that sort of thing in the water! The Heimlich Maneuver is ranges from almost ineffective to downright dangerous while you're in the water, especially if you aren't properly braced..... for exactly the sort of reasons that Lea is demonstrating now.

For a tortuously long moment, Myde just stands and stares, detached from the shock and weighing his options with the hidden cold-bloodedness Demyx had quickly been forced to learn. On the one hand, who would blame him if he freezes up and panics in the face of such pressure? It wouldn't be his fault a customer had an accident. If he ends up drowning to death from choking and handling it inappropriately, maybe nobody--especially those nobodies--even has to know he's here. Axel might be an advance scout doing recon, or worse, looking for him specifically.

(Hadn't Axel been killed, though? Or at least, sent on the same ridiculous sort of suicide mission that he was? What's he even doing here to begin with?)

On the other hand, pretending to choke under pressure didn't guarantee that some other band member wouldn't jump in to save the day, even if they did seem to be panicking a little themselves at the sight. Besides, they know he's good with water in the Organization, all of them, Axel included. If Axel survives, he'd probably be pissed off at the lack of help, if he wasn't here specifically to hunt him down, and that would ice any possible charity straight away. He might earn himself a bit of gratitude, too, or at least possibly some mercy..... Axel had never seemed to be quite the hard ass that Xaldin was, after all.

.....Damn. It'll put him directly in the crosshairs for sure, but in the long run, it's the better way to try and ensure his own safety; he can always bolt while Axel's recovering. Myde very carefully lays down his instrument case, kicks off his sandals, and runs for the hot tub, waving the other band members away as he goes. Better that the others are gone, if this turns ugly..... easier to make excuses for himself, if nobody sees him doing anything weird.]

It's okay! It's okay, I got it--I got training! Just go on, alright?

[Within moments, Myde is splashing down into the hot tub with him, still fully clothed. He gulps in a deep breath and ducks down into the water, wrapping his arms around Lea and hugging him to his chest to haul past the surface. It's not long before he's moving to drag him out of the hot tub entirely, hands on his shoulder and ass to roll him onto his side.]
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[The others hurry off, only too glad to avoid the hassle and potential liability issues; no doubt someone will tell the manager what happened, just in case. Maybe if he's lucky, he'll get tomorrow off because of this--lifeguarding really isn't in his job description anymore. But still, he'd had training, a long time ago, and he still remembers it; he's not at all surprised that Lea would get confused. Even for someone who's been in Atlantica before, being underwater in a body not built for it, while panicking and suffocating, and being disoriented and half-blinded from bubbles, jet streams, and the sting of chlorine.....

It takes a pretty practiced swimmer not to get confused and overwhelmed and freak out over it all. Somehow, Myde has a feeling Lea isn't one.

No need to check for breathing or clear out obstructions, when Lea seems to be doing that just fine on his own; as long as the coughing fit-turned-gigglefest doesn't make Lea roll back into the water, he'll obviously be fine. Seriously, what's up with this guy? He doesn't really remember Axel as being so inclined to laughter..... Larxene was the one who giggled, and that always spelled trouble. Xigbar laughed, too--and while that was generally far safer than Larxene's, it still tended to be at someone else's expense just as often as not. Hard to say if it's good or bad, in this case..... but he's hoping for the best. Hopefully it's just nerves. They can do that, now!

.....Okay, he can do that now. He's not so sure if Axel died or not. That puts his heart status as uncertain, at best--even if he'd always been positive that their hearts weren't really gone, not fully. No matter how many confusing speeches and big fancy words Xemnas used, even Demyx had always known one thing: he knew what feeling felt like. And what he'd felt had been feeling. Maybe it had felt different, yes, strange and unnatural, dim and distant and muted like hearing sounds underwater..... but even if it had been fragmented, something like a heart had been there.

Myde is still kneeling right beside Lea, bending over the hot tub to wring his hair out; he's not too concerned about being soaked, given how warm it is tonight, but he'd at least rather not have water constantly running into his eyes.]

No kidding. I'm not in this neighborhood, but I do live here, yeah.

[He can guess what 'here' means without asking, after all. Neighborhoods and cities don't mean a whole lot to people who world-hop for a living, after all. 'Here' is a pretty damned broad concept. But now that he's confirmed that he lives on this world..... well, that still doesn't mean he can be pinpointed so easily, right? .....Right? Maybe he should offer to grab Lea a towel and just..... disappear.....]
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Who'd have ever figured I'd be better at handling heat than you?

[Myde laughs now himself--and it sounds real, this time, for the first time since Lea has ever known him. He's genuinely amused at the thought, not clowning around to adhere to some script of who he should be or who he wants the rest of the Organization to perceive him as, not because there's an imaginary laugh track he has to follow. It's true, he looks healthier and happier here, more authentic and human than he ever had in the Organization. He carries himself with a confidence he's never shown before, an ease born of familiarity and certainty--of knowing he belongs, in a way that he never had as the first stranger thrust into a more or less unified group.

They had all shared the same culture and world view, the same understanding and knowledge of the situation, a familiarity with the metaphysics of the situation and with each other that had been completely lost to him. He'd always been an outsider, had never been extended a true welcome to be allowed into their inner circle; they'd argued about him, viciously, as though he hadn't even been there. They hadn't even bothered to help him fully understand why they did what they did; Xemnas' speeches, while full of what he guessed was supposed to be inspiring rhetoric, had just left him confused and frustrated vaguely suspecting he was being fed nothing but a load of bullshit. Vexen had been a little bit better in honestly trying to be informative, for all his disdain--but he never stopped to explain on a level simple enough for him to understand, and had scoffed at his efforts to ask questions.

Eventually, he'd learned to stop asking questions. Eventually, he'd learned to stop trying to connect. Eventually, he'd learned not to open his mouth at all, if it was actually important. For the sake of his own sanity, he'd become a pale shadow of himself, just as a Nobody should, cynical and paranoid and cold, reflecting entirely too much of the others for his comfort. But what else can a still pond do, except reflect what's shown to it?

But he had to fill the silence and stillness somehow--brooks had to babble, and water had to flow, he couldn't just sit stagnant if there were any cracks to trickle through. So..... he'd taken the path of least resistance, and given up. On everything. He'd simply drifted with the tide, gone with the flow, little more than flotsam and jetsam carried along by the current. If he'd seemed a little vacant and disconnected sometimes, a little lost and adrift and entirely uncaring..... well, it was difficult to be grounded, when you'd pulled up your anchor. And if he'd seemed a little cartoonishly exaggerated sometimes, almost like a caricature of humanity..... well, water always did distort and magnify things seen through it, didn't it? He worked with what he had, to protect himself.

Sometimes the best camouflage is to hide in plain sight, after all. Any fish worth its salt knows that.]

If you had any idea how many breaks I snuck in on the clock, and where I managed to take them, you wouldn't think a drink in the hot tub meant anything for sure, either. What're you doing here, if you've got a new job?

[Myde laughs again, a little sheepish and more than a little nervous, but he doesn't deny scanning the exits--it's only smart, given he hadn't known Lea is working for someone new now, let alone what he knows of Axel's..... reputation. He can't be sure how much of it is true, or how much Axel might be prone to lying, but..... well, it may not be coincidence that he's the only one who survived being terminated at Castle Oblivion, the way everyone else had. It could be a trap.

He doesn't want it to be, though--he's so tired of running..... After years of living in fear over the bloodthirstiness of his colleagues and their high-stakes internal politics, he's ready for a break, for something simple. And Lea doesn't really look all that menacing right now, not with a sunburn snaking along his hairline, and his hair soaked, and his tattoos (or were those teardrop things makeup?) gone, and most of his clothes missing. It makes him look human in a way he hadn't really gotten to see Axel before. Maybe if he ha hi heart back, and isn't working for such an asshole anymore, he might not be such a bad guy?]
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[Well, it's good to see that he wasn't too freaked out by the water..... too many people blamed the water, rather than their own stupidity. If you didn't go out in bad conditions and knew your own limits, you were usually fine--as long as you didn't do anything stupid, and had someone watching over you if you were too little to make those decisions yourself. Water is water. It isn't there to cater to you--it just is, and as long as you respect it and treat it well, it'll take care of you in return.

Just like him, right? You couldn't force water to do things so easily. Saïx's clumsy flailing only left him soaked and frustrated, as Demyx had dripped right through his clenched fists, ignoring all his rage and bluster as best he could. Xaldin's growled demands and crushing force had left him surging away as fast as he could manage. But since when had anyone ever bothered to work with him? When had any of them ever shown him any kindness? He'd never asked for much. Not even respect--okay, especially not respect. That Axel readily, openly declares him a wuss and coward without a second thought, and without even thinking he might get offended by it? That right there proves that his bid for flying beneath everyone's regard had worked perfectly.

He'd never needed respect. He was okay with their contempt. What he needed was to be safely ignored enough to survive. For the most part, until that damned suicide mission, it had served him admirably well. Nobody had given him a second thought, and that was just fine by him; he'd always been just trying to live his life and not get involved.

Myde doesn't bother taking offense now, either. It's good, solid advice, after all, even if it's from a traitor. Especially from a traitor, and especially especially one who's doing recon, as long as he can believe Axel. Which, for the moment, he'll assume he can to be on the safe side; cutting and running is usually the safest decision you can make. So Myde grins and laughs even in the face of Axel's--no, Lea's--seriousness, sounding as airy and unconcerned as ever, and flashes him a thumbs up before grabbing his hand for an enthusiastic shake.]

Right, Lea--got it memorized! My name's Myde, nice to meet'cha! We're really the only two who got out while the going was good, then? Where should I be headed, if we're already way out in the boonies here? Sounds like there wouldn't be much farther left to go, especially without knowing which way the winds are blowing, if you catch my drift.
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Woah, woah, we're on number terms, now? What happened, was there a real split this time? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'd run anyway if I saw the Boss-man or ol' X-fa--uh, or Saïx coming, but..... even Xigbar, too?

[Names have power, alright. More power than he'd ever known, even if he'd instinctively understood it. It's why he'd tossed nicknames at so many--the Big Six, the Big Guy, the Boss-man, Old X-Face, Old Man Winter--of them, especially those in a position of power over him, and why he'd scrambled to correct himself now, realizing that Axel and Saïx are friends. Or at least, were friends at one point, given the way Lea is acting..... Haaah, he really has been out of the loop with things like this.

That's only been partly intentional. Since when has he ever been in the loop? He's never had anyone to know his true name, much less say it to him--he's always had to keep it close to his heart, or lack thereof, to tell it to himself, remind himself over and over who he is in his music. He's never had anyone in the Organization--and isn't that a big, impersonal name?--care enough to keep him informed, or include him in important updates and decisions that didn't involve the whole group. He's the first outsider, after all, the first true Neophyte, and they'd taken care to keep him that way. What did it matter, then, if he took no pains to try and avail himself of more knowledge? If he consciously avoided becoming a player important enough in any way to warrant being informed about anything?

Names are power, and so is knowledge. Zexion and Vexen had always loved to point that fact out. Knowledge is power, but ignorance is safety--and given the choice, in a crew like theirs, he would always pick the latter. No wonder the more Myde talks, the more he probably makes it clear that he honestly knows nothing about the situation at hand, whether it's what kind of danger they're facing, or what happened to the others. He obviously hasn't made contact with anyone else yet, not even on the hero's side of things. He even looks mildly put out by the news; Xigbar and Luxord had been the closest things he'd had to friends in the Organization, after all. He'd always known that Xigbar was an asshole, but he'd never really minded so much, as long as it wasn't directed at him, but..... If nobody knows what happened to Luxord--or Marluxia, or (good riddance) Larxene, or even Roxas.....--, then.....

.....Speaking of Roxas. Myde grimaces outright at the suggestion, shaking his head and picking at the edge of one sodden sleeve.]

No way. I'll take my chances in Atlantica or the Pridelands. Disney Castle is where that duck and dog are from, right? They'd kill me again the second I turned up on their doorstep, no questions asked. Those two--and even Roxas..... they didn't even hesitate at all.

[Myde's expression darkens a little at the thought--at the memory, and he moves to slide back into the hot tub; he's already gotten soaked, after all. He may as well enjoy it, clothed or not. It's an odd change, from how he usually acts; even with Lea declaring how serious the conversation is, it's the first thing to break his typical smiles and laughter.]

And they said we were the ones who didn't have hearts..... I would've let 'em in. If they'd been willing to back off, we could've made a deal. Everyone knew what was going to happen when I was picked for that fight.
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Hey, don't worry about it! It's not like you gave me my marching orders or took a Keyblade to me, right? Or chakram, I guess. Whatever.

[It's Myde that provides the laughter, waving a hand at Lea in airy dismissal. He always had been a bit exemplary of those traits, hadn't he? Demyx had been so disconnected from everything, so absolutely uncaring, so fully set adrift..... He might have been the one least grounded in and concerned about things going on around him, if Xemnas hadn't taken the cake for it.

It's different, now, but not as much as it probably should be--Myde is still..... off, just a little. There's still something just a bit slick and hollow about him, just a little too careless. Nothing really seems to matter to him, even as exaggerated as he habitually acts. His own death is the only thing that prompts anything resembling real depth of emotional response from him so far, and even that looks almost superficial somehow, bitterness and resentment quick to be glossed over by reassurance.

Demyx had died, of course--Myde had his heart back, now that he'd been reborn. But either Myde has always been a pitch-perfect chameleon, right down to the cheesy good cheer and seemingly clumsy acting, or he's just always had a somewhat slack connection to his own heart and emotions right from the very beginning.

The busboy pauses and raises an eyebrow at Myde, questioning; this time, it's his turn to get waved off, as Myde raises both hands in a warding gesture. smiling encouragingly until he scurries off to grab Lea his drinks.]

It's cool, it's cool! I'm off the clock, don't worry about it.
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Dude, you really think I'd be sticking around if there were Heartless in the area? Please. It's not like I could actually do anything about it, so there'd be no point in trying.

[Still heartless, in a sense, just..... different. Maybe he hadn't been quite so cold and callous before his change, but Myde didn't even bat an eye as he hypothetically condemned his whole home world. He'd always seemed to be an emotive type, but even with a heart, it was hard to deny the selfishness of such strong survival and self-preservation instincts. Sure, he could fight them, but he couldn't permanently kill Heartless, not the way Roxas could. They'd always come back, and probably sooner than later, a never-ending supply He could save people, maybe, temporarily.

He doesn't really want to, though. Not when he'd risk losing his own heart again, not when it'd all be for nothing. He's no big fan of futile fights and lost causes, and while he recognizes the hypocrisy, he can't really bring himself to care about that, either. Nobody had saved him back then, after all, and nobody would save him now, either. That was just how it worked; you had to look out for yourself.

Still, for how absolute the condemnation is, Myde doesn't seem to take it very seriously; he laughs again, offering Lea a playful smirk.]

The most destructive things pretending to be people around here are tourists, y'know--not that you guys are any less awesome for it! Gotta make a living somehow, right?

I guess it's possible Jumba and Pleakey could count too, maybe..... but their destruction is usually accidental. Mostly, anyway. But geez, slap a wig and a dress on a guy, and suddenly people believe anything..... Too bad we didn't know about that trick for recon, huh? We probably could've rocked that look.
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Thanks, man. But hey, you do have a pretty good figure for skirts though, you've gotta admit. And your legs are long enough that you'd probably look great in heels--you'd probably crossdress better than I would.

[Myde waves at the barkeep as he brings the drinks over, and grins slyly at Lea soon after; yes, he's used to Haole thoughtlessness and awkwardness enough that it hardly phases him at all anymore. Yes, he's also going to follow a completely irrelevant tangent, just because it's fun to tease Lea a little. He really isn't that different from Demyx at all, in the end; he can easily be friendly and warm one minute, and leave someone in the dust the next, and see absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Such a suddenly alarmed tone, though, has Myde tilting his head questioningly at Lea; what's the big deal? He acts like he'd just sat on an Assassin's pointy bits or something.]

Yeah, Dr. Jumba. Real big guy, four eyes, kinda purple-pink complexion? Maybe not the most stable guy around, but not a bad sort, you know? They liven the place up; I think he and Pleakley babysit Lilo sometimes. I didn't think he got out all that much; how'd you meet him?
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Oh, Gantu. That killjoy..... Yeah, I hear he's always hassling them.

[Myde folds his hand behind his head, making a face at the way Lea decribed it. A diplomat..... try more like a busybody who jut wouldn't quit! He offers a thoughtful noise instead.]

Mmm..... Wait, but what's this about monsters? I haven't seen anything like that going on, or any Heartless. Maybe that happened before I got back? Either way, the place isn't crawling with nasties, so--oh. Ohhhhh. You must mean Stitch!

[What Lea--or really, Gantu--must be talking about hits him all at once; Myde laughs aloud in mingled exasperation and relief, grin resurfacing as he reaches out to poke Lea with a foot. Geez, and here he'd had him all worried for a minute! Nothing's actually changed at all, there's nothing to be scared of.]

Hahaha..... Yeah, I guess you could call him a little monster, huh? He's kind of a monster-alien-science experiment..... thing, I dunno. Stitch is Lilo's dog, whatever he actually is. Anyway, he's harmless. Mostly, anyway; they get into trouble sometimes, but he's still nice.

Jumba might have a couple other escaped experiments running around, I'm not sure, but I wouldn't worry about it--they're probably not too dangerous, or too numerous, and Gantu's already trying to take care of it.
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Ahahaha! Yeah, that's it exactly!

[Myde only crows with laughter at the admission, and Lea's obvious frustration, shaking his head and grinning ear to ear. If the guy wasn't sulking before..... Oh, this is priceless. Priceless! The idea of Mr. I Always Follow Orders, one of their star performers, chasing around a little girl and her dog..... Pure comedy gold, he swears. And the idea of him doing it with other people in tow (whoever they are) only makes it even better.

A quick push with his hands against his seat, and Myde was gliding effortlessly through the water, hardly seeming to move a muscle as he drifts closer. There's a small splash of his own as he reaches up to clap Lea's shoulder in sympathy. Lea always had been assigned to more combat missions than he ever was..... it only stood to reason that he could use a little refresher.]

Recon rule number one: Jumping to conclusions cuts off opportunities for investigation. Explore all possible options before coming to a conclusion.

[Okay, okay, so maybe it's not rule one--maybe it's not even rule twenty-one. It hardly matters. A rule that had demanded thoroughness, conscientiousness, and hard work in Zexion or Vexen's eyes simply became a way to postpone returning to the castle as long as he could manage, in Demyx's hands. Still, it did do an awfully good job at keeping him from looking like even more of an idiot about things, didn't it?]
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[Myde barely seems to move in the water at all, in fact; it's more like the water moves him, cradling and carrying him to spare him from needing to exert any effort at all. He's as much a part of it as it is a part of him, after all; they understand each other, and they work together. The water can't mind him turning things over to it, after all; it's only doing what's in its nature. As long as he trusts in it, and and knows enough to read the signs, it'll never disappoint him.

(Either way, though, he's proud of his legs, thanks. Long, toned, and baby-smooth, just the way a swimmer's ought to be. It may be girly to shave, but damn, does it make a difference in the water.)

He smirks knowingly at the uncertainty in Lea's tone, leaning in; his talents have always lain in recon, whether he called it that or not. Reading people and situations, spinning something meaningful and even informative out of time-wasting garbage..... Even Vexen hadn't criticized too hard, when he'd gotten his initial recon training. That only comes in even more handy now, when combat isn't a part of his life anymore, but going right back to being a people pleaser very much is.

It's fun for being able to play with Lea now, too. After all, Axel was mostly a fighter; how should he know if he's making anything up about this stuff?]

Just made it up on the spot, huh? Really?
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[Myde grins back, and the look is anything but sharp--he just looks goofy, honestly, bright and playful and bedraggled with his clothing so waterlogged and wet hair clinging to his face. They're practically sitting right next to each other now, and with Myde turned to look up at him like this, he could probably lean on Lea if he had a mind to.]

Okay, okay, you got me..... It's actually Mr. Snow Miser's. Mostly, anyway. I just trimmed off most of the complicated words and extra stuff he was rambling about with it.
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That's just a travesty bro

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[Even Myde has to laugh at how..... giddy Lea is getting, grinning up at him. Yup, that alcohol is totally working its way through his system; how many has he actually had, even? Two? Three?

Well, no sense in not taking advantage of him while he's compromised, right? Or at least, taking advantage of him not being a fraidy cat about people touching him. Drunk cuddles are pretty awesome; Myde wastes no time in cozying up against Lea.]

You're an adorable lightweight, you know that?

But let's see, here, if I was you, and I was sent on a recon mission like that..... Well, for one thing, I'd go relax in a hot tub with some drinks, so good job. For another, I'd declare it mission accomplished! I found out what I was looking for, right? Then, I'd write a report about how much I searched and how sneaky those crazy aliens were, hiding with the natives like this. And I'd end by saying that I'd found them, but they were undercover, so all suspicious activity was suspended for now.

But of course I'd need to come back regularly to keep them under surveillance, just in case! That goes in the report, too. So I'd come back sometimes to at least keep an eye on them, if I didn't get to know them, because they're actually pretty cool. And then I could spend the day with them, or just spend the day with more drinks in a hot tub. Either way, it's win-win.

[You asked for a glimpse into his mind, Lea? You got it. Kinda scary, isn't it? Shame that probably doesn't actually answer the question you most likely meant to ask.....]
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[Myde smirks to himself, nuzzling against Lea's chest; it's supposed to feel good, duh. He's gotten that figured out, too, the pleasures of reaching out and touching people--even if nobody is willing to touch the other's heart and form a bond, there's still touching each other's bodies, the electric connection of skin on skin, exciting their senses and seducing their wits. Feelings could refer every bit as much to pure sensations as they could to emotions, couldn't it?

He's gotten it all figured out to the point where the challenge and entertainment of figuring out how to get away with what he did--does?--is rewarding in and of itself. He knows the system, and he games it mercilessly, because..... well, because he can. Because it's fun. Because it feels good, vindicating, like he's reclaiming some little bit of everything the Bossman and the others have stolen from him for all these years. It's interesting and engaging in its own way, the way missions and those endless speeches never have been on their own merits, just..... being there, immersing himself in a place and doing holistic recon, including the Castle. Darkness, maybe especially the Castle; he had to know who and what he was dealing with, to understand what he could slip under the radar.

Thought of that way, it all made a little more dense, didn't it? How quiet Demyx usually was during the meetings, aside from the periodic murmured commentary (mostly questions or complaints, or a bit of poking fun at Xemnas' philosophical pontificating) to his neighbors, or the occasional question or dumb joke. How loud and obnoxious he could be in the Grey Room, playing music or napping on the couch, or gossiping or complaining to anyone who'd listen, almost as though he were publicly flaunting his own worthlessness as a coworker. How much he'd cut up during the League's poker games, laughing too loud and chattering too much, bright and friendly and alive, acting practically human as though the drinks were going straight to his head. How jumpy and cowardly he was on paired missions in places like Halloweentown.....

He'd clung to Axel's arm and nearly shrieked when a spider the size of a small dog had skittered past, and practically hidden behind him the first time they'd met ghosts in person. He'd been shaking half the time while they were on that mission, and blushed at the weeks of teasing that had followed. He'd spluttered and protested how scary monsters were, how creepy spiders were, when Xigbar had gleefully told everyone about their midnight horror move marathon ("world research" was what they had decided on for the excuse) the night before that mission. He'd jumped at the scary parts, even screamed once or twice, and hidden his face against Xigbar's shoulder during particularly gory bits.....

He'd been a recon expert acting differently in different environments, to get different outcomes, always watching and learning. It had served him well, right up until the situation he'd been forced into had left no room for anything but fighting and dying like a cornered rat. It's human for terrible things to frighten you, for reminders of personal failings to embarrass you, to be horrified at reminders of mortality and the sight of other people getting hurt..... It took a heart to feel empathy, to resonate with someone's agony enough to truly understand their plight, whether or not you actually held any sympathy for them.

He'd been the weakest and dumbest member, the most secondhand-embarrassing and irrational of them all. He'd been the most fallible of their number by far, and--barring Roxas and Xion--possibly the most human. To err is human, right?

Even when it's an awkward, dumb error like butting into a playful conversation with something serious before he even knows what the hell he's doing--that's human, too. Lea's heart may still be clumsy and young, but it's doing its job. Myde makes a little questioning noise, tilting his head up to peer at Lea.]