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[UAU: juudai makes the call]

[ The pay phone receiver feels tacky in Juudai's hand. He doesn't want to think about what kind of substances it might be coated in. Or maybe it's just the cheap black plastic itself, softening in his hot, sweat-slicked hand. He resists the urge to change hands to wipe his right hand off; there's no point.

This has to be the most depressing alleyway in Domino City. Crumpled newspapers blow in a late-evening breeze in the wind from the vents over the city's subway system. Juudai is here on a tip he earned in a duel from a homeless guy he found in one of the subway stations, curled up under a tattered blanket. They dueled tabletop-style, except on the sheet of cardboard that served as the man's bedding, and Juudai actually would have lost if not for a lucky combo made possible by his very last draw (who would have thought the guy ran a milling deck?). The man had nodded. If you're good enough to beat me, then I won't feel guilty letting you know this, he'd said. Mostly the underground guys only take guys they've already noticed. But there's an old pay phone on Fifty-Ninth Street that's still in operation. Dial the number from the ad sticker on the left side. There's only the one. The old man looked at Juudai with a mixture of respect and knowingness. But you ask me, kid, your future looks too bright to go down there.

Juudai gave the old man a few crumpled five-hundred-yen bills out of the savings he'd brought with him, as thanks. The ad turned out to be an ad for the services of a busty blond named Jessica who was naked from the waist up (Juudai had flushed crimson). The number was printed underneath a message saying to "call for happy time," written in English.

The phone rings.

Finally, someone picks up.

How did you get this number? the unmistakably male voice at the other end demanded. ]

Is this Jessica? [ Juudai smirks.] I'm looking for a happy time.

[ Despite his cocky tone, Juudai's hands tremble. ]

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