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[UAU: juudai makes the call]

[ The pay phone receiver feels tacky in Juudai's hand. He doesn't want to think about what kind of substances it might be coated in. Or maybe it's just the cheap black plastic itself, softening in his hot, sweat-slicked hand. He resists the urge to change hands to wipe his right hand off; there's no point.

This has to be the most depressing alleyway in Domino City. Crumpled newspapers blow in a late-evening breeze in the wind from the vents over the city's subway system. Juudai is here on a tip he earned in a duel from a homeless guy he found in one of the subway stations, curled up under a tattered blanket. They dueled tabletop-style, except on the sheet of cardboard that served as the man's bedding, and Juudai actually would have lost if not for a lucky combo made possible by his very last draw (who would have thought the guy ran a milling deck?). The man had nodded. If you're good enough to beat me, then I won't feel guilty letting you know this, he'd said. Mostly the underground guys only take guys they've already noticed. But there's an old pay phone on Fifty-Ninth Street that's still in operation. Dial the number from the ad sticker on the left side. There's only the one. The old man looked at Juudai with a mixture of respect and knowingness. But you ask me, kid, your future looks too bright to go down there.

Juudai gave the old man a few crumpled five-hundred-yen bills out of the savings he'd brought with him, as thanks. The ad turned out to be an ad for the services of a busty blond named Jessica who was naked from the waist up (Juudai had flushed crimson). The number was printed underneath a message saying to "call for happy time," written in English.

The phone rings.

Finally, someone picks up.

How did you get this number? the unmistakably male voice at the other end demanded. ]

Is this Jessica? [ Juudai smirks.] I'm looking for a happy time.

[ Despite his cocky tone, Juudai's hands tremble. ]
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[There's an impatient noise from the other end of the line. He's usually more patient with potential customers, but he is not patient with anyone who brings up the damned sticker.]

Are you looking to spectate? His next match is booked.

[...that's fairly telling.]
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He pauses, typing out a quick message on his other phone with one hand. He'll have to keep the boy talking, but on the bright side, he may have a new acquisition before this is over.]

Mm, the league dropout?

[He pauses, as if to search his memory.]

Yes, yes, I may have heard of this boy. Is this the concerned relative speaking?
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['s risky, but he's calling the boy's bluff. From what he can see over the video feed, he seems too...agitated to be telling the truth.

And, hmm, he wonders what relationship these two might have. This boy seems awfully protective~.]

Oh? A friend of the family, hmm? Coming to me for their sake?

Mm, you're right, you're right. His sponsors dropped him, did they not? So he was kicked out, you could say?
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[Mmmhmhm, there we are. He sends one last text.]

You're too quick to anger, my dear boy. Be careful not to hurt yourself, hmm~?

[A door opens at the mouth of the alley and a few men -- tall, bulky, tattooed -- step out. He was beginning to wonder whether it was worth covering their living expenses just to keep up this little snare, but oh, it's well worth it now.]

But since you seem to be so attached...why don't I do you a favor? I'm sure he'll be glad to have your company, yes?
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[There have been orders given not to damage the merchandise, if they can avoid it. Saruyama wants this one healthy and ready for the duel.

So, before they try anything, one of them pulls a gun, as the other circles around to stand behind Juudai.

They don't say a word. The message, they think, will be clear enough.]
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["Gun-san" flashes an insincere grin, showcasing a set of artificially sharpened teeth, and he nods to his companion.

The other thug reaches forward with a sack, aiming to fit it neatly over Juudai's head and arms. It's much less messy if they can do it this way.]
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[Bagthug is, indeed, caught in the gut, and doubles over, groaning. Duel Disks are heavy, and not exactly what you want making contact with your soft parts.

Gun-san just leaps forward to grab Juudai's head and press the barrel of the gun against it. He smirks.

"Relax, kid. You don't wanna get hurt, yeah?"]
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[...Gun-san just stares. He knows people get reckless when they're terrified, but...really? Did he really just say that?

He can understand why the monkey wants him. This kid has balls. He chuckles in spite of himself.

(This is when the other man gets up, wincing, with the rag and chloroform, and presses them to Juudai's mouth and nose.)]
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[When the announcer had first begun to speak -- "Ladies and gentlemen, we have a special treat for you tonight! A heart-pounding tag duel to the death, with Hell Kaiser Ryo and his mysterious companion in the spotlight!" -- he had just been confused. A little irritated, maybe. What was Saruyama trying to pull, setting him up for a tag duel without giving him so much as an hour's notice?

Now he hears the cage door open behind him, and something heavy hits the concrete floor, and when he turns around his heart comes up into his throat.]


[No, this can't be right, this isn't happening. He forgets about his persona for a second and drops to his knees, grabs Juudai's hand to make sure it's real. It is.

The audience murmurs, and he knows they're trying to make sense of this display of concern, fit it into the plotline that they're all keeping track of.

The collars are already on both of them, and their opponents are entering the other side of the ring.]

...Juudai. Wake up.
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[He takes a deep, shuddering breath, and begins to run through the facts in his mind. It's an old technique he uses to keep himself in line, when circumstances threaten to overwhelm.

Juudai is here. Juudai is going to be tag dueling with me. He is frightened. He might be frightened of me. I am also frightened. I do not know why I am frightened.

He needs my help.

He takes Juudai's other hand, to try to help him to his feet, and speaks quietly, trying to control his voice.]

Juudai, listen. We're about to be in a tag duel. You need to try to take as little battle damage as possible.
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[I'll help you get out of here. We'll be fine.

He feels sick to his stomach. "This is the last duel, I'll be fine, I'll win and then leave", he remembers that.

He doesn't want to watch this, doesn't want to be a part of it. It'll start out fine, everything will go as planned, until Juudai takes damage for the first time and then he'll be thrashing and screaming on the ground and--

No. No, he can't think about that. He has to win, first. Get Juudai out of the arena, get the collars off him...

He speaks quietly, almost at a whisper.]

It's going to hurt. It'll hurt, but you're going to be fine.

[He's going to be fine. No matter what Juudai says, no matter how bad it looks, Juudai is going to be fine. He repeats this mantra to himself as he activates his Duel Disk.]
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[He watches the pair across from them. They're obviously a matching set, made for a tag duel. They smirk like they've got something unflattering to say, but he can't feel the confidence that radiated from Inukai. Not bullies, then. Good.

He digs his nails into his palm, so hard they draw a little blood, and suddenly his expression breaks into an almost predatory smile.]

My turn.

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[He tries to keep his awareness of Juudai at the back of his mind, running in parallel to the fever he's set burning in his consciousness (break them down, hear them scream, make them pay). He doesn't want to involve him in his persona, not while he can avoid it.

It's not as hard as he expected. He has discovered, in the past few weeks, that the world now becomes a much smaller place when he's tasted blood. There isn't room for much more than him and his enemy., not enemy. Target, maybe. Or prey.

His first hand is decent, and could be great in a few turns. He sets traps as usual, summons something to defend while he builds up a combo - better to wipe them out all at once (four thousand in one shot, let's see how good they are at keeping screams down).

He glances at Juudai's field (not at Juudai, too risky), and good, he's putting a defense up. That's enough for now.

He allows himself to hope it holds.]

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